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Waymart Honors the Fallen Through Ceremony, Special Display

May 30, 2024 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Two members of the SCI Waymart Honor Guard stand by the flags and a wreath at a memorial

SCI Waymart held its annual Memorial Day Service on May 24 at the Pugliese Monument at the facility. Deacon Lorent led the ceremony, and the Waymart Honor Guard presented a wreath. SFC George Pugliese was a corrections officer at Waymart who was killed in Iraq in 2005.

Waymart also set up a POW/MIA table in the staff dining room to remember those killed in action and those who are still missing. Veterans Services Coordinator Brian T. Delaney explained the significance of the table via an email to staff:

The POW/MIA table, also known as the Missing Man Table, is a small, round table set for one person but never occupied, to honor prisoners of war and missing comrades. The table is decorated with symbols that represent aspects of the POW/MIA's life or fate, or of those left behind:

Round table: Represents everlasting concern

White tablecloth: Represents the purity of their intentions or motives

Red rose: Represents the blood they shed in sacrifice to their country

Yellow ribbon: Represents uncertainty, hope for their return, and determination to account for them

Slice of lemon: Represents their bitter fate

Pinch of salt: Represents the tears of their families as they wait

Lighted candle: Represents hope for their return

Book: Represents the many faiths that have provided strength

Inverted glass: Represents their inability to share a toast

Table size: Represents the frailty of one prisoner alone against their oppressors

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