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Scranton CCC Donates to Local Homeless Program

February 09, 2024 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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Pictured: John Slyvester, volunteer; Nick Strasburger, CIC case manager; W. Barrager, Scranton CCC corrections counselor 2.v

During January, residents and staff of Scranton CCC collected items to support the Community Intervention Center (CIC), a place that believes the recovery process is available to anyone who chooses to engage in it and that recovery is subjective as well as elective. The CIC’s mission is to offer marginalized individuals respectful, comprehensive services that encourage personal, comprehensive, self-sustaining recoveries and housing stability.

Scranton CCC donated $1,000 worth of items to the CIC’s homeless program, including: coffee, creamer, sugar, winter gloves, tents, tarps, hand/body warmers, cold weather fleece, disposable razors, etc.

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