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7 Certified Peer Specialists Graduate at Dallas

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October 27, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

A group of incarcerated individuals who recently graduated the Certified Peer Specialists training program hold their new shirts over their faces.

On Oct. 13, SCI Dallas celebrated the graduation of its most recent Certified Peer Specialist class with a ceremony held in the school auditorium. Instructors for the two-week course were Unit Manager Mark Grohowski and Veterans Service Unit Manager Troy Edwards. The program included CPS introductions and certificate presentations by Edwards and the presentation of CPS t-shirts and ID cards by CPS Supervisors Liz Scott, Jaclyn Rawlings, and Pam McDonald.

The facility's current and newly certified peer specialists had the opportunity to introduce themselves and talk with each other about their roles.  Invitations to the graduation were sent to all staff at SCI Dallas. All in attendance received a printed program designed by CPS Supervisor Liz Scott. A special thanks to Superintendent Ransom, Deputy Contreras, Deputy Bohinski, Major Brozowski, Major Goyne, and CCPM Inniss for their ongoing support of the CPS program and their words of support, advice, and guidance during the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony ended with refreshments and time for the new and existing CPS to speak with staff.

For more information on our CPS program, check out this video spotlighting it at SCI Huntingdon.

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