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Cambridge Springs Hosts Fall Fair

October 16, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Incarcerated individuals at SCI Cambridge Springs throw bean bags into hula hoops as part of a Fall Festival.

​To kick off the autumn season, the SCI Cambridge Springs Activities Department hosted a Fall Fair in the yard on Sept. 22. The event gave inmates a chance to socialize and enjoy some outside games and snacks. There was a morning session and afternoon session to accommodate the entire inmate population.

Nearly every inmate participated in the event, which was extremely positive and well-run by staff from Activities, Programming, and Security. This event boosted inmate morale, promoted positive behavior, and gave the inmates a chance to enjoy something different within the walls of the facility — to the level that not a single misconduct was written this day.

Events included basketball, football toss, wiffle ball, cornhole, ring toss, paper airplane contest, dodgeball, cotton candy, popcorn, and even carnival-style weight and age guessing — which the inmates especially enjoyed. Inmates relayed their appreciation to the administration, both verbally and through writing inmate requests.

This was a great time to come together and enjoy the changing of the seasons, in which the weather this day could not have been better!

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