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Camp Hill Inmate Work Crew Earns High Praise

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December 19, 2018 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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CAM - 2018 Nov 29 - Inmate Work Crew Lions Club4.JPGMaintenance Foreman Fred Locke and his inmate work crew have been hard at work assisting the staff at the Marysville Lions Club with prep for winter and grounds issues.

They also tackled the task of stripping and refinishing the floor of the 4,000-square foot main hall. This hall is heavily used for community functions and rentals, and it took the work crew three days to complete. The end result was nothing less than magnificent, and the final touch was the work crew decorating the hall for upcoming Christmas events.

Superintendent Laurel Harry received correspondence from the Marysville Lions Club that was very complimentary of the help they received over the past few months from Locke and his inmate work crew.

Some of those compliments included:

"We would not have been able to hire people to do the quality of work and take pride in the work that this work crew did"


"As Mr. Locke and his work crew gained knowledge of the buildings and grounds, it enabled them to identify things that the Lions Club staff did not realize needed attention."

Lastly, Lions Club staff felt that they have benefited for the prison's Community Work Program and look forward to maintaining their relationship with SCI Camp Hill so that they can continue the Lions Club's motto of "We Serve" in our community.

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