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DOC Reentry Team Holds Reentry Simulation for PAPPC

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June 06, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

A participant in a reentry simulation kneels at a table while speaking with a DOC reentry team member

The Pennsylvania Association on Probation, Parole and Corrections (PAPPC) hosted a Reentry Simulation on May 22. The simulation was one of the many workshops that took place during the 101st Annual Training Insititute and Conference. The conference was held from May 21-24 at Kalahari Resort in Poconos, PA.

The reentry workshop was divided into two sessions.  DOC Parole Manager Penny Sines led the workshop. Sines has more than 20 years of experience coordinating reentry related services.

The Reentry Simulation was structured in a way to simulate a month in the life of someone recently released from incarceration. At the workshop, there were 13 different stations set up in a large room, with each station representing a different community partner. Participants were provided with a life card (or life scenario) and packet which included any resources the individual is given upon “release” from incarceration.

Participants were then required to complete certain tasks based on their individual life scenario. To stimulate the month, there were four “weeks” in the scenario, with each “week” lasting 10-15 minutes. All tasks for that “week” had to be completed within that time frame or there could be consequences.

The Reentry Simulation allowed for each participant to see, firsthand, the barriers that a reentrant faces as they return to the community.

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