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Parole Supervisor Attends Career Day

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May 30, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Parole Supervisor Devon Mayo speaks to a class at James G. Blaine School

Parole Supervisor Devon Mayo of the County Wide Division in Philadelphia attended a career day at James G. Blaine School. Mayo was one of 14 career professionals invited by School Counselor Ms. Massey, along with a firefighter, mechanic, nurse, and federal corrections officer. Everyone who attended talked to the children about their professions and how they became successful within their own lives.

Supervisor Mayo explained to the children not only how he became successful, but also how they shouldn’t let a negative environment affect their future. Moreover, he explained that he grew up in the same neighborhood as them, Strawberry Mansion, and how he didn’t have the best home life but, he knew he wanted better for himself and his future family. Mayo expressed that he knew from a young age that not receiving a good education would only hinder him, and he didn’t want to raise a family under the same circumstances and conditions that he grew up in. Likewise, Mayo told the children that the best way for them to become successful in life is to prioritize their education and set at least one goal in life for them to strive toward.

Parole Supervisor Devon Mayo stands with a group of professionals at James G. Blaine School

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