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Kintock Group Reentrants Participate in Inside-Out Program with Temple Students

May 24, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Students from Temple University and The Kintock Group stand in a group holding certificates after completing their Inside-Out Program

​While Inside-Out Prison Exchange programs are popular in DOC prisons, The Kintock Group in Philadelphia also hosts the program in partnership with Temple University.

Temple’s Lori Pompa is the creator and director of the program and instructed the latest class, which held a closing ceremony on May 2. The class began in January and was held every Tuesday evening with Temple students coming to Kintock to study with the reentrants. They discussed criminal justice issues and shared their varied points of view, and they reviewed literature and engaged in open discussion on a variety of topics.

Temple students shared that they learned a lot from the Kintock students, and Kintock students learned a lot from the Temple students, too. During the closing ceremony, both Kintock students and Temple students gave presentations on topics of their choice. Topics included "A Better Education System," "Restorative Justice," and "Juvenile Redirection."

All students received a certificate for participating in the class, and they enjoyed a pizza party to celebrate!

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