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Huntingdon, Smithfield Staff Participate in Reentry Simulation

May 17, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

SCI Huntingdon Supt. John Rivello looks through his paperwork as a parole employee sits at a table during a reentry simulation

On April 12, a reentry simulation was held at the National Guard Armory for the staff at SCI Huntingdon and SCI Smithfield. Blair County Probation, Mifflin County Probation and Bedford County Prison Reentry staff also attended the simulation.

A reentry simulation is a program where participants roleplay as a reentrant and must complete tasks each week, including find employment, housing and groceries, check in with parole, secure transportation and much more. All of this is done on a tight schedule and budget to simulate the real experience reentrants face in the community. Stations sit around the room representing the grocery store, medical center, identification card facility, bank, court and more, and participants have 15 minutes each round to complete all assigned tasks.

The simulation is a fun, informative and dynamic training that underscores the hurdles parolees experience navigating the world upon their release from incarceration.

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