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350 Inmates Participate in Reentry Fair at Pine Grove

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April 25, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Four inmates look at information on tables at SCI Pine Grove's reentry fair

​SCI Pine Grove held its annual Career, Education and Reentry Fair on April 19. The fair began at 8:30 AM and continued until 3:00 PM to allow every general population inmate the opportunity to network and gain information to plan for their futures.

More than 350 inmates spoke with 20 vendors which included the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh, CenClear, PA Department of Banking, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Renewal, Braddock CCC, Johnstown CCC, Goodwill, Amachi Pittsburgh, Matt’s Mutts, Celebrate Recovery and D. Angel (author and motivational speaker). An additional 15 agencies that could not be in attendance provided literature and information to inmates and have scheduled future presentations.

In honor of Second Chance Month, manyvendors agreed to participate in recorded informational videos to be shared on the inmate channel within the institution. The participants were able to share their feelings about reentry with the vendors and each other through the statements and articles that made up the Pine Grove Newsletter/Event Program.

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