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Pine Grove FERT Participates in Live Fire Training

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January 05, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Two firefighters in a smoke-filled room

SCI Pine Grove’s Fire Emergency Response Team (FERT) participated in interior live burn training in November at the Indiana County Public Safety Academy in Homer City.

The goal of the training was to effectively advance hose lines in a live fire situation, how to navigate the fire with the building full of smoke, how to put the fire out and how to properly hydro ventilate out a window once the fire is out.

Twenty-one FERT members from Pine Grove participated. This was the second training of 2022, following a summer event focused on extinguishing car and dumpster fires. At both live fire trainings, new FERT members went through a smoke house with an obstacle course first to get them comfortable with their gear and equipment. This also helps them learn how to keep their sense of direction with communicating to each other and by using their hands to feel since they cannot see. These types of practices help make the staff on FERT more confident when it comes down to a real-life situation, and the more training like this keeps them interested with staying on the team.

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