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Brother Boxers at SCI Greene

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September 14, 2018 12:00 AM
By: Kurt Bopp

PA Coat of Arms

GRN - 2018Aug - Nurse Boxer.jpgBrothers Tommy and Dan Karpency are registered nurses at SCI Greene.

But outside the facility, they are known for something more: boxing.

The two brothers are professional boxers, with the elder, Tommy, having international experience—including a pair of world title bouts.

Tommy has been boxing since he was a kid, and professionally fighting since 2006. He only fights once or twice per year now, but his schedule can change if the right opportunity opens up.

His brother, Dan, most recently won his fight at the Meadows Casino by TKO in August. The nurse secured his victory 44 seconds into the second round with his fight against Roger Blankenship.

The duo work together on the mat and in the walls of Greene.

"I really enjoy working here, much more than a hospital setting," Tommy said. "I love working with Dan. We have a great relationship, and he's a huge help training me here at Greene and also in my boxing career."

Dan credits Tommy with being his inspiration and getting him into boxing. The brothers have a third brother, Jeremiah, who also boxes, and their sister, Rachel, is a promoter who puts on local shows for them.

"My father, Tom Sr., has been my coach not only in boxing but in life, and I can't thank him and my mother, Christy, enough for what they've helped me accomplish in boxing and life," Tommy said.

Tommy is also very grateful to his wife, Andrea, for her support and said his family has been a huge part of his success in boxing.

Most of their colleagues know about their other role as a boxer, and even some inmates know.

"I have been asked about it by some of them," Dan said.

He hopes to be the best he can and work hard and hope for the best. And in addition to his family, Dan is thankful for the support he gets from his friends at Greene.

"I'd like to thank all of my coworkers for the support they've shown me and coming to the fight [to watch me]," Dan said. "It's motivation for me knowing that they are also in my corner."

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