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Geo Group Counselor Named Community Corrections Professional of the Year

October 27, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Two people with GEO Counselor Edward Costello

At the annual Community Corrections Association of Pennsylvania (CCAPA) event, GEO Counselor Edward Costello was named Community Corrections Professional of the Year.

For the past five years, Costello has been an employee of GEO Group assigned to SCI Chester. During the pandemic, he called upon his experience as an educator and amended the Batterers Intervention curriculum to better cater to the needs of the inmates. He was instrumental with the continuation of the Recovery Unit and managed to maintain the program’s structure during this very difficult time. Costello was also tasked with training new hires as well as maintaining a caseload for himself. He was able to handle both responsibilities professionally and effectively, so much so that Mr. Costello was always left in charge whenever the director was not available. He managed his caseload, supervised the counselors on his unit and oversaw all program responsibilities with very little difficulty.

Costello is a asset to SCI Chester, and the Chester team appreciates his commitment to this facility.

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