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DOC Chaplains, Staff Support Rev. Klemm Across PA on Bicycle

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October 24, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Three SCI Waymart employees stand with DOC Religious Services Administrator Ulli Klemm

Pictured: On Day 7 of his statewide bike ride, Rev. Ulli Klemm (second from right) stopped by SCI Waymart to visit (from left) Deacon Matthew Lorent, Fr. John Kowalcyk and Superintendent Mark Wahl.

In what he says was a futile attempt to deny that he is getting older, Rev. Ulli Klemm, DOC religious services administrator, who turns 64 this December, bicycled a total of 477 miles across Pennsylvania from Sept. 29–Oct. 5. He followed the northern BicyclePA Route Y (see below) starting at Espyville (on the Ohio border) and ending in Lackawaxen PA (on the New York border). It took him right past SCIs Cambridge Springs and Waymart, where he was supported by fellow DOC staff. Thanks to the support of family, friends and DOC staff, he raised over $2,000 for the Mechanicsburg/West Shore CROP Walk which raises funds to feed the poor locally and abroad.

Three SCI Cambridge Springs employees with DOC Religious Services Administrator Ulli Klemm and his bike

Day 1: Stopping by SCI Cambridge Springs (L to R): Fr. Mark Novak, Rev. Nettie Smith, Rev. Ulli Klemm, Superintendent Michelle Overmyer

A map of the route DOC Religious Services Administrator Ulli Klemm took across PA on his bike

Total Miles:  477 miles

Intentional Detours accounted for 64 miles (including biking 46 miles along the Pine Creek Trail and biking to campgrounds from the route)

Unintentional Detours accounted for 13 miles

Average Miles per day: 68

Most miles per day: 92

Fewest miles per day: 45

# of Miserable Rainy Days Biking: 1.5 (“This was rough and at times very scary, especially going downhill as semis passed me.”)

# of Steep Hills Climbed:  Too many

# Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Consumed: 7

# Flat Tires: 0

What I wish I had brought with me: “Rain pants and covers for my bike shoes to keep my feet from freezing and getting soaked!”

Money Raised for CWS/CROP: Over $2,000

Could not have done it without: “My dear wife, Theda, who was within a cell phone call if problems arose and drove our RV to campgrounds while I pedaled away.”

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