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Stickney Named Employee of the Month at Phoenix

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September 09, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Psychological Services Specialist Christine Stickney and Superintendent Jamie Sorber

Congratulations to Psychological Services Specialist Christine Stickney on being named SCI Phoenix Employee of the Month for September.

PSS Stickney has worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for five years and was nominated by her peers as she has been a model staff member in her field, especially with her approach to assisting inmates on the IMU — a very challenging unit.

She was recognized for her ability to remain objective while addressing each inmate’s mental health needs, despite challenging working conditions.

Stickney is supportive and hopeful for the inmates, meeting them where they are in their recovery. She embraces fundamental tenets of motivational interviewing, which is the gold standard of care and in line with evidence-based practices.

She is always on top of her workload, completing assignments and reports well in advance of their respective due dates. She has implemented a plan to ensure timely completion of annual review that are submitted to Central Office three months prior to inmate staffing dates, which ensures compliance monthly. Stickney is always proactive and contributes monthly to department meetings in a solution-focused way. She offers support and has always been willing to have new employees shadow her work wherever she has been assigned.

Congratulations, PSS Stickney!

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