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Vocational Programs at Waymart Receive New Names

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August 29, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

A painted sign that says "Second Chance Salon"

The education department at SCI Waymart recently partnered with the activities department for a contest to name the facility’s three vocational areas.

Inmates were given the opportunity to name the Cosmetology School, Carpentry School and Commercial Kitchen used for Restaurant Trades. More than 50 names were submitted for each area, and administrators and managers served as judges. The winners are:

“Second Chance Salon” for the Cosmetology School

A sign that says "Second Chance Salon"

“Level Up” for the Carpentry School

A sign that says "Level up Carpentry"

“Cell’s Kitchen” for Restaurant Trades

A sign that says "Cells Kitchen"

Inmates employed in the mural program through activities used their talents to design and paint signs with the new names.

Many inmates at Waymart have a goal of owning and naming their own business as a reentrant, and this contest provided participants with the opportunity to compete against other creative thinkers. Winners for each area received $20 account credit.

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