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Laurel Highlands RN Breaks National Weightlifting Records

May 25, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

SCI Laurel Highlands

SCI Laurel Highlands Registered Nurse Nick Freedman never thought he’d be where he is today, but with hard work, determination, and the support of friends and family, he is enjoying every moment. When Nick went through nursing school in his mid-50’s, he had put on some weight. At the suggestion of his son, he started going to a cross-fit gym at the age of 60. He started to notice a difference and really thrived in the environment. He enjoyed it so much that he started an Olympic weight-lifting course in November 2021 in order to be able to teach it. While taking the course, he found out that he has some natural ability. He started to focus, worked out 3-4 days a week, and met with a special instructor in Pittsburgh once a week.

Nick attended a competition in Frederick, Maryland, in March 2022 and qualified for Nationals. The USA Weightlifting National Competition was held the end of April 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nick competed in the age 65 to 69 age bracket and the 109 kilo plus (240 lb.) weight class. There were 22 competitors in this age bracket, and Nick soared to the top. Nick won three gold medals in the following categories — breaking the national record in Snatch and Combined Weight — and qualified for the world champions:

  • Snatch – lifting from the floor to overhead, three attempts
  • Clean and Jerk – lifting from the floor, to the chest, to overhead, three attempts
  • Combined weight – the combined weight lifted in these categories

Nick’s record-breaking lift in the snatch category is 68 kilos (150 lbs.) and in the combined weight category his record-breaking weight is 148 kilo (325 lbs.)

Nick is now training for the World Champion competition which will be held in Orlando, Florida, from December 1-10. He is focused and more determined than ever as he prepares to compete with people from all over the world with years of experience. Nick said that through working out at CrossFit, he is doing things in his 60s that he couldn’t do in his 30s. Way to go Nick! Keep up the great work and we will be rooting for you as you prepare and compete in the World Championship. 

A man lifts a barbell over his headA man smiles with three gold medals around his neck

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