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Phoenix Group at Laurel Highlands Supports 143 Day

May 26, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Two men stand with a woman holding a check

Pictured: Cambria CYS Representative Melissa Raho; Corrections Activities Manager Joshua Fraley; and Corrections Activities Specialist James Greenwell.

In honor of #143DayInPA, incarcerated individuals at SCI Laurel Highlands donated $7,000 to Cambria County Children and Youth Services. The Phoenix Group raised money through hoagie, pastry, soda, protein and ice cream sales throughout the year, and it decided to spread some kindness and be a good neighbor by supporting the Cambria CYS.

#143DayInPA is a statewide day of kindness in honor of Mister Rogers. His way of saying “I love you” was “1-4-3" — for the number of letters in each word. May 23 is the 143rd day of the year, which has become a day to share acts of love and kindness.

Two inmates give a woman a check donation

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