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Eastern Region Hosts Visitors from Tunisia, Japan

Tags: Parole
September 27, 2018 12:00 AM
By: Kurt Bopp

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The PBPP Eastern Region has been involved in a variety of activities that allow it to share its initiatives and engage audiences that expand far beyond the Commonwealth.

A delegation of judges from Tunisia visited and met with Regional Director Louis Narvaez. The group met with various partners in the east, including Philadelphia County Corrections System and the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, they took a tour of the county corrections system.

PBPP - 2018 Sept - Japan Delegation.jpgThe Eastern District was also visited by a delegation from Japan. This group was preparing for the 2020 United Nations Summit on crime prevention and criminal justice.

This group met with juvenile probation staff, juvenile justice service center partners, the adult probation department chief and staff, and Dr. Jean Wright of Philadelphia's Behavioral Health Care System.

After touring the facilities, there were presentations on the various initiatives and partnerships shared in servicing the populations and families.

PBPP - 2018 Sept - Radio Show.jpgAlso new this month for the Eastern Region was a foray into radio. Deputy Secretary of Probation and Parole Field Services Christian Stephens participated in the Philly Cam Reentry Radio broadcast to share the PBPP's initiatives statewide in addition to addressing the statewide lockdown. RD Narvaez will be a guest on the broadcast once per month to highlight the various initiatives in place in the east.

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