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Six CTC Braddock Reentrants Complete Certified Renovator Training

May 05, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Six people sit at a table

CTC Braddock hosted DOC Assistant Chief of Safety and Environmental Protection Kevin Tuite for the Lead Based Paint Certified Renovator course. This course meets the requirements for certified renovators under the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, required for any renovation work in pre-1978 housing or child-occupied facilities. This course also meets the requirements for HUD Lead Safe Work Practice Training.

Six CTC Braddock reentrants participated in the course. The group came from  different demographics and backgrounds; with age ranges of 29-62, some with fulltime employment and some who are still navigating the job market in hopes of finding fulltime work. Two of the reentrants who participated rushed back from their overnight shift to be at the center by 9 a.m. to attend. Both have home plans submitted and are employed fulltime. A third reentrant took the day off from his full-time job to remain in the center to participate in the class. He said, “This is the stuff we need; get us more of these certifications.”

Two of the three unemployed participants scored the highest scores on the certification test with 96% and 98%, and both are being assisted by case management to go to CareerLink locations in the Braddock area to attend a resume-building class to update their old resumes to reflect their newly obtained certifications and begin applying to a broader range of jobs. The final participant has worked with case management at CTC Braddock to get his physical and mental health issues manageable enough to function in the community along with remaining compliant with AOD. He said, “I like stuff like this. Can I be signed up? I hate that people think I’m lazy because of my medications, but I have experience working with my hands and want to work.” When the day of the class arrived, he started his day early, completed his daily in-house work detail, attended the course and felt proud of himself. To bring the day full circle, he still attended his MAT appointment in the community.

CTC is glad to be able to assist these reentrants to obtain a federally recognized certification and would welcome instructor Kevin Tuite back anytime.

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