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CRPA Davis Recognized for Service

Tags: Parole
April 27, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Five people standing with one in the middle holding a certificate

Pictured from left: Director of Bureau Reentry Coordination Danny McIntyre; Director Reentry Operations Missy Repsher; CRPA Mindy Davis, Western Regional Director Jay Williams; Erie District Director James Wright.

​In recognition of Second Chance Month, Director for the Bureau of Reentry Coordination Danny McIntyre recognized Community Reentry Parole Agent Mindy Davis for her dedication and excellent service she provides to the Erie District Office. The office usually has two CRPAs but Davis has been on her own for the past year. Davis continues to meet the needs of reentrants, including facilitating New Release Orientations, providing Carey Guide Interventions to high-risk reentrants and assisting field service staff. She goes above and beyond without complaint and assures everyone gets the best service.

Davis is what makes the reentry process work!

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