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Muncy VSU Debuts Victory Garden to Support Programs, Veterans

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April 25, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Plants in a greenhouse

The Veterans Service Unit at SCI Muncy held an open house for staff on March 30 so they could stop in and check out the Victory Garden Greenhouse. More than 200 plants were given out to staff to take back to their office or home with them. The concept of a Victory Garden (or War Garden) stems  from World War I and World War II, when gardens were planted at private residences and public lands to supplement rations and to boost morale.

The SCI Muncy Victory Garden currently supplements food to the Restaurant Trades Program, which uses harvested vegetables for the staff dining salad bar. This year, the VSU will also be able to grow and donate produce to the Central PA Food Bank in Williamsport for the Military Share Program, which provides monthly donations of food to more than 45,000 veterans in 27 counties across Central Pennsylvania. Essentially, Muncy’s veterans on the inside will have a positive, direct benefit to veterans on the outside. Not only are they filling their “time” with purpose, but they are also learning a way of life that will benefit their families and potentially their communities for years to come.

Pictured: Unit Manager Celeste Brucklacher and Superintendent Wendy Nicholas

Two people in a greenhouse holding a plant

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