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New Coffee Kiosk at State Capitol Made by PCI Wood Shop

February 16, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

A coffee kiosk

Visitors to the State Capitol’s East Wing atrium will now find a beautiful new coffee kiosk — which originated at SCI Rockview.

The Pennsylvania Correctional Industries Wood Shop at Rockview produces a variety of items ranging from jewelry boxes and benches to desks and tables. In March 2021, the PA Department of General Services tasked the Wood Shop with creating a new kiosk for the east wing.

Through the effort of 28 workers, the shop shipped the new kiosk by October of that year. It could have been even sooner if not for shipping delays.

“Custom work is our specialty,” said Nathan Rhoads, correctional industries manager 2 at Rockview. “We are able to provide products to our customers that they are otherwise unable to purchase.

“For this project we had to incorporate two sinks, areas for under the counter refrigerators and under-the-counter trash receptacles. Also, on the back side of the kiosk we designed a bar area with leg room that still allowed the cabinets on the inside of that area to be functional.”

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