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Graduations, Tours and Toy Drives Make for Busy Quarter at QBC

January 25, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

A group of people

Quehanna Boot Camp had a busy fourth quarter with activities ranging from back-to-back Pennsylvania Correctional Drill Instructor (PA CDI) graduations to a legislative tour to a Toys for Tots collection.

PA CDI is an 80-hour instructor’s course that officers complete upon accepting employment with the Quehanna Boot Camp. This training is conducted after officers complete Basic Training at the DOC Training Academy. The candidates participate in both classroom instruction and practical application of lessons including goals and philosophies, drill and ceremony, physical training, cross-gender training, confrontation/self-control, facilitation of tests and inspections, cognitive restructuring behavior, and routine day-to-day operations of managing boot camp housing units.

Candidates must prove a thorough working knowledge of the course material through teach-backs. The CDI program is facilitated under strict military customs and principles where the candidates develop a sense of dedication to each other, loyalty to the boot camp program, and becoming an asset to the Department through buying into the role model concept and the principle that “One person can make a difference; together we can achieve anything.” On Oct. 2, 2021, Quehanna Boot Camp graduated nine staff members, and on Oct. 15, 2021, it graduated six staff members from the Pennsylvania Correctional Drill Instructor (CDI) program.

A group of drill instructors

10/1/21 PA CDI Class - First row from left:  COT Smith, COT Hoover, COT Bailey, COT Gallo, CO Suhoney, Supt. Blake/Executive Staff, Lt. Salvanish/CDI Instructor. Second row from left: Major Carter/CDI Instructor, COII Mottin/CDI Instructor, Lt. Maney/CDI Instructor, Lt. Rhodes, COT Godin, COT Weaver, COII Hess/CDI Instructor. Missing from photo is CO Sample

A group of drill instructors

10/15/21 PA CDI Class – First row from left:  COII Mottin/CDI Instructor, CO Rosenbaum, COT Shaw, COT Barger. Second row from left:  Major Carter/CDI Instructor, CO Bowser, COT English, CO Twigg, COII Hess/CDI Instructor

A legislative tour was conducted on Oct. 22, 2021, with PA Representative Tommy Sankey, PA Representative Mike Armanini, and Cindy Kunes, a representative from Congressman Thompson’s office. Additionally, Garrett Reiter, policy specialist with the PA Department of Corrections Office of Policy & Legislative Affairs, was in attendance. The group first met with key staff to receive an overview of the programs offered at Quehanna Boot Camp which was followed by a question-and-answer period where staff answered all questions posed by the visitors. The final component was a tour of several housing units and the inmate dining hall. Quehanna Boot Camp staff appreciate the continued support of our legislators.

A group of people

10/22/21 Legislative Tour:  Rep. Armanini, CCPM Petulla, Rep. Sankey, Policy Specialist Reiter, Supt. Blake, Ms. Kunes, Major Carter

On Nov. 4 and 5, Quehanna Boot Camp underwent a successful PREA audit. Auditor Brian Sutherland toured the facility and reviewed all standards documentation. The facility appreciates his thorough review. Administrative Officer Jacci Wick and Clerk Typist 2 Summer Corl played a major role in preparing documentation and developing a PREA tracking system at the facility. Kudos to all involved!

A group of people

11/5/21 PREA Audit:  Major Carter; Supt. Blake; AO Wick; Brian Sutherland, PREA Auditor; CT2 Corl; CCPM Petulla

The Quehanna Boot Camp Employee Association (QBCEA) and Empowerment Committee worked together to have a fall celebration the week of Nov. 15 as a morale booster for staff. There were ice cream sundaes all week, a basket raffle from baskets donated by departments/shifts, a 50-50 drawing, and two days of walking tacos that were served by department heads/management staff.

Between Oct. 15 and Dec. 1, QBCEA held a toy drive for Toys for Tots. Through the generous donations of staff, QBC collected many toys for both boys and girls in a wide age range.

A table full of toys

To finish out the year, QBCEA sponsored a Cash Give-Away for Christmas! All employees, including contract staff, were entered for the cash drawings. The week of Dec. 6, there were five $25 winners; the week of Dec. 13, five $50 winners; and the week of Christmas, there was one $50 winner, one $75 winner and two $100 winners. The cash prizes were raised from from fundraisers and raffles conducted throughout the year.

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