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Waymart Hosts Safe, Successful Graduation Ceremonies

November 04, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Inmate graduates sit during a ceremony

October was a busy month at SCI Waymart as it hosted four Cap and Gown Ceremonies honoring inmate graduates.

More than 40 inmates who earned business and vocational certifications, credentials and licenses had their time to shine at the events. Although zone movement prohibited all participants from attending the same ceremony, spirits were not deterred as Waymart held separate events so graduates could be honored safely.

Graduates enthusiastically congratulated each other at the ceremonies and on the housing units. Staff took pictures to share with loved ones who could not attend in person.

Some graduates donned a cap and gown for the first time, and a few were recognized for multiple accomplishments. All entered and left events as Pomp and Circumstance played, and most smiled from ear to ear throughout the ceremonies.

Inmate graduates sit in a gym during a ceremony

COVID-19 required educators to reimagine ways for vocational and business students to be successful with limited access to hands-on instruction. Fortunately, teachers and students alike rose to the challenge. Now graduates will leave Waymart licensed, certified, credentialed and ready to contribute positively to society.

Recognizing that it "takes a village," Waymart's administrators, security staff and counselors showed their support by attending the ceremonies.

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