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HOPE Returns to Camp Hill with Comet's Arrival

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October 29, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

A dog surrounded by people

​The Hounds of Prison Education (HOPE) program has returned to SCI Camp Hill, where the dogs will now be housed on Juliet Block.

Meet Comet — a four-year-old who spent her entire life hooked up to a three-foot chain on a cement slab until he was rescued a few months ago.

Comet is also deaf, but nothing stopped him from dragging Mr. Stracco to Juliet Block to see his new surroundings, take his handler for a run and then roll in the grass, resulting in some fresh green stains on his white fur. On his way to Juliet, Comet had inmates and staff smiling and going out of their way to see the new arrival.

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