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DOC Holds Training for InsideOut Dads Facilitators

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October 11, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

The DOC hosted a two-day training at the DOC Training Academy for InsideOut Dads program facilitators. Two individuals from the National Fatherhood Initiative taught staff how to facilitate their groups and provided statistics regarding the absence of a father in the household:

  • Children in female-headed homes with no spouse present have a poverty rate of 47.6 percent — four times greater than children living in married couple families.
  • Children living in fatherless homes are 279 percent more likely to carry guns and deal drugs than their peers living with fathers.
  • Students living in father-absent homes are two times more likely to repeat a grade in school.
  • Female children living in a father-absent home are seven times more likely to become pregnant as a teenager.
  • Children in fatherless homes are two times more likely to suffer from obesity.
  • Even after controlling for income, youths in father-absent households still had significantly higher odds of incarceration than those in mother-father families. Youths who never had a father in the household experienced the highest odds.

The InsideOut Dads program teaches fathers how to be dads from inside the prison. It also helps rekindle the relationship between the father and his family.

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