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Reentrants Prep Stables for Winter

November 19, 2018 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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BCC - 2018 Nov 8 - Wildwin Stables2.pngSix reentrants from the Pittsburgh Community Corrections Center assisted Wildwin Stables in resurfacing the horse paddocks before the winter season hits.

Wildwin Stables provides new homes for horses that have been retired from racing or bad situations and nurses them back to health. Many of the horses not only make full health recoveries and are then re-trained as lesson horses for small children, and some also go on to compete—and win—in Dressage and Hunter Jumper Competitions. Resurfacing paddocks is a crucial need for the health of the horses; a good foundation helps relieve the stress and pressure on the horse's legs and ankles.

BCC - 2018 Nov 8 - Wildwin Stables4.pngReentrants used several problem-solving skills to complete the work as a team; they each assigned themselves a role and specific job duties to ensure a smooth process. All six reentrants worked alongside Corrections Counselor Hosbach and Center Director Dotson to complete the project. Reentrants enjoyed time with the horses as well as the scenery of the fall countryside. Wildwin Stables Manager Michelle Harkins Lynch was very complimentary in the reentrants' work and effort and provided the reentrants with lunch for a job well done. All the reentrants enjoyed the time they were able to spend with the horses, and it provided some nice therapeutic moments which resulted in many selfies with the horses.

Upon returning to the center, reentrants expressed their enjoyment of the day. Many discussed the horses as well as what they would like to continue to improve at the stables. The reentrants that attended conveyed a real passion for helping others and animals. Reentrant Mitchell said, "It was a great change of pace, and it was a great experience in the reintegration progress. Everyone (reentrants) should experience it."

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