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Waymart Forensic Treatment Center Celebrates Scholars

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July 27, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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Amy Bartosavage (FTC security; on left) and Laurie Hess (PSS) congratulate two FTC students on their academic achievements.

Not all students at SCI Waymart receive in-person instruction in classrooms—some are taught in the Forensic Treatment Center (FTC) dayroom near their housing unit. Despite the non-traditional classroom environment, these students can still be successful in their quest for knowledge.

Shauna Ruddy teaches reading in the FTC. She differentiates instruction to meet students at their current skill level and designs curriculum that provides the appropriate level of challenge.  Ruddy, a certified elementary school teacher, has taken multiple courses in reading across the curriculum, alternative assessments, student engagement, social emotional learning, multiple intelligences, and motivating students. Thanks in part to her extensive knowledge and training, she is able to guide her students to educational success. 

On July 16, FTC residents gathered to recognize the accomplishments of two high-achieving students who earned a semester grade 90 percent or higher in reading class. They were presented with a letter and certificate from Principal Michelle Lipko.

Laurie Hess, psychological services specialist; Amy Bartosavage, unit security; COT Randy Galinsky; and CO Zechariah Price joined the celebration to show support to this unique group of learners.

The students were encouraged to share their success with loved ones on the outside and to encourage other students in the FTC to prioritize their studies.

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