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Training Academy Unveils New Training for Basic Training

March 16, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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Firearms training at the Department of Corrections Training Academy has made a significant and basic change: the choice of firearm. The long-used revolver has been replaced with the semi-automatic Glock. The upgrade is the result of years of hard work to get Correctional Officers trained on the new weapon.

For the past several months, academy firearms trainers and the Security Division have worked together on a joint venture to develop the Glock transition training material. Beginning with the Basic Training Class #2101 in late January, staff from the Security Division were on site at the Training Academy range in Elizabethtown alongside the basic training instructors to implement the new lesson plan.

While the move from revolvers to a semi-automatic is viewed as a step forward, the cadets were able to receive the same high-quality firearms training the Training Academy has offered on the range. The coaching techniques that have been developed over the years have been adapted to the unique curriculum for Glocks to continue to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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