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Waymart Constructs New, Energy-Efficient Powerhouse

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February 22, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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As part of the DOC's commitment to use clean energy and increase energy efficiency, SCI Waymart is beginning a capital project to construct a new powerhouse.

As part of the plan, the DOC has entered into an agreement with UGI for uninterruptable gas service to Waymart, which will supply fuel to the three gas boilers that will be installed in the new powerhouse.

This required an upgrade to Waymart's gas metering station as well as some valves in the main lines.

SCI Waymart and UGI staff stand outside the facility's powerhouse

From left: Joe Barmen, relationship manager for major accounts (UGI); Jim Salak, facility maintenance manager I (DOC); Scott Tunnell, energy management consultant (Penn State); Joe Davitt, corrections utility plant supervisor (DOC); Tim Schweinsburg, facility maintenance manager III (DOC); Norm Klinikowski, director for the bureau of operations (DOC); Don Brominski, (UGI).

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