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Smithfield Begins Its New Chapter as Reception Facility

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January 20, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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As part of the Department of Corrections recent reorganization to mitigate COVID-19, SCI Smithfield has begun a new chapter and purpose by becoming a reception facility for parole violators and new commitments from the county facilities.

Smithfield began receiving new commitments Jan. 19, in addition to beginning to receive statewide parole violators a week prior. This new mission is part of the DOC's mitigation efforts and will help the Department curb the spread of COVID-19 throughout our state institutions.

The former Pennsylvania Correctional Industries plant was recently renovated to become a new reception center. The new reception center contains offices for records, psychology and medical staff, as well as areas for property processing, a body scanner and holding cells.

Renovations are also taking place on the housing units and other areas of the facility to ready ourselves for Smithfield's new mission. All staff involved in this endeavor from the brick and mortar renovations to the administrative preparations are commended for their efforts and hard work in the transition of the facility to achieve this goal in a short amount of time.

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