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What’s Happening at SCI Dallas

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December 31, 2020 04:30 PM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

SCI Dallas, along with all of our facilities, has taken a number of mitigation steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 within the facility. They have increased sanitization efforts, issued sanitizing chemicals to each cell and inmates are encouraged to clean frequently; and are asked to focus on the high touch points within the areas. Also, masks, and other PPE are given to inmates and are replaced by the Unit Management Team when needed. 

Additionally, SCI Dallas has been mass testing inmates within the facility. The first round of mass testing was done with both the Antigen Test along with the lab test. Since the initial testing, there have been three follow-up tests for those who have tested negative. With the onset of positive cases, certain housing units have been deemed "positive" and "negative" housing units. Dallas has gone through great efforts to ensure that everyone is being housed accordingly. The cohort group size at Dallas remains at one cell, or a maximum of two men, to ensure social distancing can be maintained. Please note, a large portion of the inmate positives are asymptomatic. 

Also, a key part of our strategy was population reduction. SCI Dallas began COVID with 2,177 inmates (March) and currently houses 1,708; which is 469 inmates fewer than what we had in March and represents a 22 percent inmate reduction. 

The gym area was initially converted into temporary medical isolation housing units.  However, since they were able to move/reprieve some of the inmates, this afforded Dallas the opportunity to empty those isolation units and the men who were housed there were placed on the appropriate housing unit that met their medical needs. 

The efforts taken by the administration, and all staff members, at SCI Dallas have been done with one goal: to stop the spread of this disease. DOC staff have remained professional, dedicated, and flexible with all the institutional changes this pandemic has caused. With the continued dedication, and hard work, from our staff, we hope to stop the spread of COVID-19 and be able to return to a new normal. 

SCI Dallas COVID-19 Testing Data

Total positive cases: 1156

Inmate active cases: 897

Inmate recovered cases: 259

Inmate deaths: 9 

Inmate hospitalizations with COVID: 2

Number of asymptomatic positives: 1009

Total staff positive cases: 233

Staff active positive cases: 35

Recovered: 198

Staff deaths: 0

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