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Second Grade Students Send Thank-You Pictures to Corrections Officers

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November 21, 2018 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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FOR - 2018 Nov - Kid Thank Yous6.jpgJulie Thornton's second grade students from Immaculate Conception Church in Brookville write letters of appreciation each Thanksgiving. This year, the students chose to send their letters to corrections officers at SCI Forest. Their drawings are on display for all DOC corrections officers on the following pages. Here is what Julie wrote:

"It is to remind us that being thankful for something else other than material things is what it is all about. My class chooses where they want to send the letters and whom they think need a reminder that what they do is important. Being that I am a wife of a Corrections Officer, I often realize that you are the "forgotten" law enforcement. Most people do not even realize what you truly walk into every day when you walk through those doors. I know I personally could never do what you do. It is a thankless job and all too often, very dangerous. It takes special people to do the job you all do, to ensure the safety of each other, inmates and the public. It is our hope that our notes of thanks can be a small token to remind each and every one of you that what you do matters, and we are thankful for you all. May God Bless you and guide you home safely every day at the end of your shifts. You truly are heroes without capes Wishing you all safe and happy holidays!"

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