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Employees Vote for "Coolest Pet" for Camp Hill SECA Campaign

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November 03, 2020 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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A Yorkshire TerrierSCI Camp Hill employees showed their pet pride in the first ever State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA) campaign "Coolest Pet Contest."

Uncertain of what type of participation to expect, administrators were ecstatic to learn SECA volunteers received 81 entries from staff showcasing almost 100 well-loved pets. In addition to dogs and cats, staff also submitted pictures of various reptiles and baby farm animals.

Employees spent two weeks fawning over the pictures posted in staff-only common areas. Votes cost $1 with full proceeds being donated to SECA. The competition was friendly but fierce. In the end two victors emerged: Scooter, a Yorkshire Terrier owned by Tonya Heist, superintendent's assistant, took first prize. (Pictured above)

Winchester, a Pitbull owned by Samantha Diem, corrections officer 1, proudly accepted runner-up.

Each pet received well-deserved bragging rights and gift cards. And yes, Camp Hill will definitely do this again. Several staff members are already planning special pet photos for next year's SECA campaign!

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