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Waymart Recognizes Employees of the Quarter

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October 12, 2020 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

​Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SCI Waymart wasn't able to honor its employees of the quarter until just this month. The wait was worth it though as the facility honored a pair of very deserving candidates.

The Employee of the Quarter for January-March is CO Chad Schuman.

Waymart staff with CO Chad Schuman receiving his employee of the quarter award

From left: Lieutenant James Hendrick, CO Karl Keller, CO Thomas Gaul, CO Chad Schuman, CO Curtis Churmblo, CO Scott Bauer and Sgt. Christopher Leonard

Schuman is an Iraq war veteran who has served honorably in the U.S. Army. He is an asset to SCI Waymart working in the high-stress environment of the RHU and DTU for the last seven years.

Recently when on vacation in Sandbridge Beach, Virginia he was relaxing on the beach with his family when he saw several men pulling a lifeless body from the Ocean. Schuman responded to the medical emergency by immediately running to the man. Relying on his training, he moved the man to a safe place and began CPR which he continued until a pulse was present. He continued to deliver aid until a lifeguard arrived and took over care.  Schuman's quick and decisive actions in all likelihood saved a man's life. His actions on the beach that day reflect great credit upon himself and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

The Employee of the Quarter for April-June is Cosmetology Instructor Tami McCollum.

Waymart staff with Employee of the Quarter Traci McCollum

From left: Superintendent George Miller, Cosmetology Instructor Tami McCollum, Principal Michelle Lipko and CCPM Dave Gorman

McCollum was nominated for multiple reasons. Her actions and work ethic make her an exceptional employee, role model to inmate and compassionate colleague.

The position of cosmetology instructor encompasses far more than teaching a course. McCollum's position entails teaching a state certification course in cosmetology, overseeing the shoeshine workers, scheduling haircuts for all offenders, submitting weekly tool reports, submitting requests for supplies, equipment, and instruments and submitting notarized quarterly hours to the State Cosmetology Board for licensing. In addition to scheduling the general population to receive haircuts every 28 days, she schedules for inmates in the Infirmary, FTC, ICU, and the RHU.

Most recently, McCollum has been instrumental in the reopening of the Cosmetology School, which was closed temporarily due to COVID-19.  Prior to ordering the newly mandated supplies, she carefully analyzed their efficacy and cost.  She is frugal, pragmatic and thorough in her problem solving. McCollum is able to work well with administration, maintenance, education and security staff. 

She never complains and often goes beyond what she is required to do.  For example, when the school reopened, she volunteered to work 6 days a week so that SCI Waymart could be current with haircuts. Additionally, she often spends her prep period in the Infirmary or RHU to ensure that those inmates receive haircuts.

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