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Albion's 2020 Graduation Recognition Day

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September 30, 2020 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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On Sept. 16, SCI Albion celebrated a Graduation Recognition Day. This year, 51 graduates earned their diplomas and/or certifications.

Due to the pandemic, Albion was unable to have the usual annual graduation ceremony; however, the staff still wanted to recognize graduates in a special way.

Graduates were invited to the chapel by cohort to receive their original GED, Commonwealth Secondary Diplomas and/or vocational certificates. The keynote speaker this year was Michael Gent, DCE curriculum coordinator. The Activities Department recorded Gent's graduation speech, and it will be played over the dedicated channel.

The graduates were welcomed by the education staff, administration and Gent.  With help from the education staff, inmate employment, activities, and the chapel, graduates were congratulated as they received their diplomas or certificates. All of them received a tassel, a treat to take back to their unit and had their picture taken with their diploma/certificate so they may send a picture home to their family to share this important milestone.

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