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SIP Reentrant Continues to Thrive Despite Tragedy

June 08, 2020 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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Reentrant David was in the State Intermediate Program (SIP) during his stint in community corrections. He remained a stellar participant in the program until his sentence completion—despite both of his parents being killed in an auto accident when they were on their way to visit him while he was a resident at CCC #4 in Philadelphia.

After their death, David fell into a morbid state of pain and depression and struggled with all aspects of his life, especially his urge to start using drugs again as an escape from his emotional pain. It was at that time that the center director, his  counselor, his counselor at his SIP treatment provider Gaudenzia Outreach, and the SIP treatment team wrapped their arms around him, in support and human caring, and held onto him throughout this period of grief and despair.

David ultimately survived the loss of his parents without using drugs again and has continuously participated in his own success since that time by meeting all conditions of SIP while never breaking any rules or receiving any misconducts. In fact, during and since his time in the SIP program, he has completed college, earned a degree in psychology and continues working at his current career steadily. He has also gotten married, helped so many people and, along with his wife, has purchased a home. He also continues to pursue his commitment to his recovery by making 12-step recovery meetings on a regular basis, sharing his experience, strength, help and hope freely to the newcomers he has met therein, thus paying it forward.

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