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Reentrants Participate in Recovery Poster Contest

June 06, 2020 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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The men in Renewal's drug and alcohol inpatient program engaged in a recovery poster contest in order to build trust, cohesion and, of course, to pass some time.

Each team had a captain, and they picked their teams from there. The teams utilized art materials to interpret what recovery and sobriety meant to them. Each poster was unique and had a different approach to representing sobriety in their lives and how recovery would improve their wellbeing.

In each of the posters, their goals and values were represented including: 12-step fellowships, family, employment, spirituality and their desire for a new life. When the posters were completed, they were hung on the first floor our building in order to allow all staff to participate in the voting process. The team who won the contest was going to be provided with pizza and soda. To our surprise, the winning team wanted to share with everyone on the unit!

Every person who participated was able to enjoy the win and it appeared to bring the unit together. The first-place team did, however, offer their details to the team who came in last place, just to keep things interesting! Below are the top three entries in order of first through third (from left):

BCC - 2020 May - Renewal Poster Contest First.jpg BCC - 2020 May - Renewal Poster Contest Second.jpg BCC - 2020 May - Renewal Poster Contest Third.jpg

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