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Waymart Celebrates Fall Inside-Out Class

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December 13, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

Inside-Out students sit during a classOn Dec. 4, a closing ceremony of the Inside-Out class was held in SCI Waymart's auditorium. Nine students from Keystone College along with eight inmates met weekly for three months to learn from each other. In doing so, they deepened the conversation about and transformed their approaches to issues of crime and justice.  The Inside-Out Program was reestablished at Waymart after a few years' hiatus.

Superintendent George Miller spoke at the ceremony and shared his career path with the participants. He told them that the satisfaction in a DOC career comes, not from one's paycheck, but from serving others and improving their lives. Classification and Program Manager David Gorman assisted Principal Michelle Lipko in congratulating the participants.  Professor Stacey Wyland from Keystone College taught the course and presented the certificates to the students. She has years of experience teaching Inside-Out at Waymart and county institutions, but believes Waymart's structure is best suited for both the students and the inmates.

Two students gave speeches reflecting on the experience. Both speakers expressed gratitude for the opportunity and well wishes for their fellow classmates. 

During the last class, students were asked to remark on the experience:

  • "I believe all future criminal justice people who want a career in this field should do the Inside-Out program."
  • "If I could take this program all over the world, I would. This is something I will forever remember and will always think about the people in the class."
  • "I am grateful for this opportunity. It not only gave me the opportunity to give back to the institution but the opportunity to change my perspective."

Waymart's administration and security made the delivery of the Inside-Out class manageable. Lipko expressed her gratitude for their support of this unique and life-changing educational experience.

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