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Chester Utilizes New Method in Dog Training: Cats

April 02, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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In order to find the right adoption home for SCI Chester's WAGS dogs, people need to know if the dogs are "cat friendly."

So Chester has a small cadre of cats for this purpose!

And on Feb. 23, Chester took in its first pregnant cat from WAGS. The mother cat was surrendered to the shelter just a few days from giving birth. On March 26, she gave birth to four healthy and adorable kittens. All four are awaiting adoption once they get to be 8 weeks old.

Four young kittens

Chester staff are very "eggcited" and "eggstatic" about spring, Easter, and the birth of such precious little miracles!

If you know anyone interested in adopting any of our furry friends, please visit

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