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Parole Procedures

With the official ​merger of parole field supervision under the Department of Corrections, the DOC has absorbed parole procedures previously passed under the Pennsylvania Parole Board. These procedures are being rebranded, reviewed and revised into the DOC format and in consolidation with other DOC policies. While the procedures are reviewed, please view the current versions below:

01.01.01 Policy Management System
01.02.01 Accreditation
01.03.02 Critical Incident Response Team
01.04.01 Release of Information
01.06.01 Grant Acquisition and Administration
01.07.01 Approval and Conduct of Research Activities
02.01.01 Automotive
02.01.06 Procurement of Services and Supplies
02.01.08 Surplus State Property
02.01.09 Telecommunications Services
02.01.14 IT Policy
02.02.02 Budget
02.02.03 Notary Public Services
02.02.04 Travel Expenses
02.02.05 Visa Purchasing Card
02.02.06 Loss of or Damage to CWOPA Property or Equipment
02.03.03 Employee Transfers Resignations
02.03.24 Work Related Incident
02.03.25 Essential Employees
02.04.01 EEO Complaint Procedure
02.04.02 Disability Related Employment Reasonable Accommodations
02.04.04 Child and Elder Abuse Reporting
02.05.01 Blood Borne Pathogens
02.05.03 Energy Conservation and Electronic Devices
02.06.03 Student Internship Program
02.06.05 New Employee Training
02.06.07 Staff Safety Equipment Training
03.02.01 Glossary
03.02.02 Sentence Types and Paroling Authority
03.02.03 Docket Management
03.02.04 Interview Preparation
03.02.05 Parole Release Planning
03.02.06 Interview for Parole Process
03.02.07 Board Actions Procedure
03.02.08 Release Process
03.02.09 Monthly Institutional Reporting
03.02.10 Additional Duties
03.02.12 Reentry Parole Agents
03.02.13 Constructive Parole
04.01.01 Glossary
04.01.02 Introduction and Goals
04.01.03 Initial Supervision Requirements
04.01.12 Special Supervision Programs
04.01.14 Sanctioning Process
04.01.19 Supervisory Oversight
04.01.21 Use of Citizens
04.01.23 Violent Offender Protocol
04.02.02 Transitional Coordinators
04.03.01 Arrest Glossary
04.03.10 Arrests and Supervision Responsibilities
04.04.01 Bureau District Institutional Responsibilities
04.04.02 Records and Reports on Special Probation Parole Offenders
04.04.04 New Prison Sentence While Under Special Probation Parole Supervision
04.04.05 Termination of Special Probation Parole
04.04.06 Pre Sentence Investigation Reports
04.05.02 Introduction
04.05.05 Incoming Other States Cases Transferred Through the Interstate Compact
05.01.01 Pardons Investigations Releases to Other State Federal ICE Detainers Case Records, Decisional Processing: Hearing Process, Cox Evidentiary Hearings — Supervision Staff Naloxone Reentrant Financial Obligations Reentry Services Supervision, Use of Citizens Supervision, Reentry: Probation Services Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports Introduction-Use of ICOTS, Records, Security Extradition Via Governor's Warrant Process