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Stronger Families, Better Futures - TEDx Chester State Prison - December 7, 2016

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Anna Hollis - Our Children, Our Champions

Matthew Dowsett - Me Becoming My Mother

Chad Dion Lassiter - These Children are Somebody

John Tyrone Tate Srl, Alexander Solomon & Quran Herrington (Men of Change) - Three poets

Auditor General Eugene A. DePasquale - What Are You Going To Do Now?

Ryu Paul Snyder - No one to love me

Cynthia Roseberry - My Father, My Hero

Bobby Zankel and the SCI Chester Jazz Band - Hopeful

Brianne Murphy - Transformational Yoga in Prison

Dawan Williams - Are you in or are you out?

Maurice Cartier - I Stumbled Up

Charles Sample - Life or Death

Daniel Bull - Redemption

SCI Muncy Lady Lifers & Friends - Please Don't Judge Me

Kenneth Eason - The Path to Prison

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Your Moment in TIME - TEDx Pittsburgh State Prison - June 17, 2015

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Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert

Michael Hairston Sr. - Guitarist

Terri Roberts - Joy Through Adversity

Kevin J. Sheaff Jr. & Ricky Turner - Dance

Vanessa German - Love Front Porch

John Fetterman - Braddock

Andrew J. Assini - Psychology Professor & Substance Abuse Counselor

Fermin Martinez

Angel Ortiz

Judge John Zottola - Specialty Courts

Dan Rockwell - Leadership Freak

Dr. Christian Conte - Why I chose to go to prison

Nina - Simply Human

Sister Sue Fazzini - True Leaders

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tapestry THREADS - TEDx Muncy State Prison - November 21, 2014


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House of Hope - Behind closed doors

Jennifer Storm - Resiliency & recovery

Tameka Flowers - The storm

Piper Kerman - The institutions that change you

Tamika Sheppard - Motivations from my life

B. L. Shirelle - Wrong Side of the Road/Freedom

Amelia McPeek - Changes & consequences

Deb Sahd - Tattooed

Naomi Blount & Friends - Incarcerated

Heather Lavelle - Working toward redemption

Tina Brosius & MeLisa McManus - Foundations of friendship

Tiffany Williams - I'm a woman first

Cheryl Pullins - Living confined, thinking free

Shirley Moore Smeal - Value, vision and victory

Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes - It's your choice

The Lady Lifers - This is Not My Home

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Concrete Visions - TEDx Graterford State Prison - June 5, 2014

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John Wetzel - The criminal justice system cycle

Frank Noonan - A positive difference

Corry R. and Norberto "Rob" Rosa - Second chances

Eugene Myrick - My offspring

Aaron Fox - Red light, green light

Pamela Jacques - Art's healing power

Kenya Mann Faulkner - Embrace your purpose

Anthony Wyatt - Re-humanizing inmates

Cody Stuhltrager - "Gradual" and "Walk Me Home"

Luis Gonzalez - A difference from an unusuqal place

The Gospel Messengers - Jesus, What a Wonderful Name

Craig Datesman - Remorse

Debra Germany - Respond Differently

Jane Golden - The transformational power of art

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