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​For Reporters

How can you have a interview/visit with an inmate?

All visits take place in the visiting rooms – and no recording devices are permitted to be taken into the visiting rooms. You can visit, just like every other visitor, but you will not be able to conduct an on-camera interview or audio record your conversation.

We do not make special accommodations or exemptions for reporters. We consider a visitor to be a visitor, whether that person is an inmate's mother, friend or a reporter.

Please make sure the inmate notifies you once he/she has placed you on his/her visitor's list – this is totally up to him/her to do. So, if he/she doesn't and you show up to visit, you won't be let in. You must be on the visiting list to visit with an inmate. You have to work this out directly with the inmate.

Also, we have a policy that says you only can be on one inmate's visitor's list at a time. You CAN seek an exception from the facility superintendent. However, even with an exception, you ONLY can visit with ONE inmate at a time. We do not allow "group" visits. Contact the public information officer of the prison for assistance.

How can I speak with an inmate over the telephone?

To receive calls from an inmate, the inmate must place you on his/her telephone list, and you must set up an account with our inmate telephone vendor.

Once you are on an inmate's telephone list, he can call you. What you do on your end of the call – record it – is not something we can control.

Please note that inmates may not be compensated for a media interview.

How can I email an inmate?

Learn more about inmate email.

How can I find out where an inmate is housed?

Visit our inmate locator to find where an inmate is housed.