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2018 Press Releases 

SCI Mercer Reports Accident (12/13/2018)

Corrections Officials Announce Plans to Expand Medication Assisted Treatment (12/12/2018)

Reentry Program Efficacy Reviewed after Successful Pilot (12/7/2018)

Corrections Opens First Female Veterans Housing Unit (11/19/2018)

SCI Phoenix Invites Public to Participate in Deer Hunt (11/13/2018)

SCI Pine Grove Inmates Donate to Children & Youth Services (11/05/2018)

SCI Albion Reports Inmate Death (11/05/2018)

Department of Corrections Announces Book, Publications Policy (pdf) (11/01/2018)

Department of Corrections: Anti-Drug Policies are Working, New Book Donation Policy Outlined (10/19/2018)

Department of Corrections Transports Northumberland County Inmates to New Jail (10/17/2018)

DOC Receives Bill Cosby at SCI Phoenix (09/26/2018)

Visitor at SCI Muncy Arrested for Smuggling Drugs (09/10/2018)

State Prison System Resumes Normal Operations (09/10/2018)

SCI Phoenix Reports Inmate Death (09/10/2018)

Governor Wolf Meets with Corrections Officers to Discuss Safety Concerns, Announce New Protocols (09/05/2018)

Department of Corrections Orders Immediate Lock Down of All State Prisons (08/29/2018)

SCI Houtzdale Inmate, Visitor Caught in the Act of Smuggling Drugs (08/26/2018)

Smithfield Officer Sickened (08/26/2018)

DOC Agents, Officers Stop Drugs from Entering SCI Camp Hill (08/26/2018)

Another Case of Substance Contact Results in Employee Illness/Treatment (08/26/2018)

Two Officers Sent to Local Hospital for Examination/Treatment as Precautionary Measure (08/25/2018)

Exposure Incident at SCI Fayette Involves One Corrections Officer (08/25/2018)

Wolf Administration takes steps to improve safety, security in state prisons (08/21/2018)

SCI Greene Sends Four Employees to Local Hospital After Exposure to Unknown Substance (08/13/2018)

Wolf Administration Participates in National Night Out (08/07/2018)

Substance Sickens Employees, Results in ER Treatment, Release (08/06/2018)

Wolf Administration Announces $3 Million in Vivitrol Grants to Address Substance-Use Disorder among County Inmates (07/31/2018)

Facility Leadership Changes Announced (07/26/2018)

Corrections Notified Individuals of Security Incident Involving Third-Party Vendor (07/23/2018) 

SCI Huntingdon Escapee Captured (07/20/2018)

SCI Camp Hill Reports Inmate Death (07/12/2018)

Corrections Certifies Inmates as Wellness Facilitators (07/09/2018)

Adams Named SCI Mercer Superintendent (06/27/2018)

SCI Houtzdale Reports Inmate Death (06/18/2018)

SCI Mahanoy Reports Inmate Death (06/12/2018)

SCI Muncy Reports Inmate Death (06/05/2018)

Officials Dedicate Pennsylvania’s Newest State Prison (06/01/2018)

Corrections, Human Services Agreement Streamlines Medical Assistance Access for Reentrants (05/11/2018)

Corrections Employee Wins Governor's Award for Excellence for Leadership in Community Corrections (05/09/2018)

DOC Employee Award Recipients (05/09/2018)

2018 MENTOR -- Varner PNG
2018 OPA - Cairns CEN
2018 OPA - Grunder GRA
2018 OPA - Hamor BEN
2018 OPA - Hollibaugh HUN
2018 OPA - Karabinos BEN
2018 OPA - Lohr LAU
2018 OPA - Mook ALB
2018 OPA - Pasqualicchio WAM
2018 OPA - Petulla HOU
2018 OPA - Pickett MUN
2018 OPA - Wojcik Erie CCC
2018 VALOR - Yount PNG

SCI Houtzdale Reports Inmate Death - Savage (05/07/2018) 

New Superintendent Named to Lead at SCI Muncy (05/01/2018)

SCI Huntingdon Reports Inmate Death - Fauntleroy (04/23/2018)


SCI Graterford Reports Inmate Death - Alston (03/29/2018) 

Notice of Execution Signed for Marcel Emanuel Johnson (03/19/2018)

DOC Graduates 63 New Parole Agents (03/14/2018)

SCI Graterford Reports Inmate Death - Jose Rivera (03/05/2018)

Department of Corrections Secretary Reports Employee Death (02/26/2018)

Veteran Corrections Employee Named Waymart Superintendent (02/23/2018)

SCI Graterford Reports Inmate Death on 02/17/2018 - DeJesus (02/22/2018)

SCI Graterford Reports Inmate Death - Gilchrist (02/15/2018)

DOC to Designate New State Prison as Tobacco-Free Facility (02/08/2018)

SCI Graterford Reports Inmate Death - Phillips (01/29/2018)

DOC Demonstrates Body Scanner, Improves Security, Safety at Wernersville CCC (01/22/2018)

Gov. Wolf Announces Prison Inmate Population Drops for 4th Consecutive Year (01/22/2018)

DOC Conducts Full-Scale Search at Allegheny County Jail (01/19/2018)

Notice of Execution Signed for Charles Ray Hicks (01/18/2018)

SCI Camp Hill Reports Inmate Death - Bailey (01/17/2018)

DOC Culinary Academy Promotes Food Service Training at PA Farm Show(01/12/2018)

SCI Somerset Reports Inmate Death - Perry (01/09/2018)

Corrections on Course to Save Over $35 Million on Inmate Care Through Federal, State Partnerships (01/08/2018)