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2016 News Releases

SCI Pittsburgh Reports Inmate Death - Ware (12/13/2016)  - Ware (12/13/2016)  
DOC Responds to Chicken Pox Cases at SCI Waymart (11/22/2016)
DOC and DHS Advocate for Quality Early Education as a Key to Future Success (11/02/2016)
Notice of Execution Signed for Kevin Murphy (11/02/2016)
SCI Benner Township Reports Inmate Death - Rowe (09/30/2016)
DOC, Temple University Hospital Partnership Saves Costs, Improves Offender
   Post -Release Medical Care
SCI Dallas to Hold Youth Hunt on Prison Grounds (09/09/2016)
SCI Pittsburgh Treating Water for Legionella (09/01/2016)
DOC Issues Update on Actions Taken as a Result of K9 Totti's Death (08/31/2016)
SCI Forest Reports Inmate Death - Cedeno (08/25/2016)
DOC Realizes Energy Savings in Pilot Program (08/19/2016)
SCI Muncy Reports Inmate Death - Germello (08/08/2016)
DOC Names Tennessee Official to Head Community Corrections (08/03/2016)
DOC Introduces Interactive Map Showing Numbers of Individuals Admitted to
the DOC by Committing County
Corrections Secretary Takes Administrative Action in Response to Death of K9 Totti (07/28/2016)
Lamas Appointed SCI Chester Superintendent (07/15/2016)
SCI Graterford Reports Inmate Death - Edinger (07/12/2016)
Oppman Named DOC Deputy Secretary for Administration (07/05/2016)
SCI Fayette Reports Inmate Death - Steckley (06/27/2016)
Four PA Colleges to Receive Federal Grants Under Pilot Program to Provide
Inmate Access to Higher Education Degree Programs
DOC Introduces Interactive Map Showing Numbers of Released Inmates by County (06/24/2016)Secretary Wetzel Participates in White House Substance Abuse Meeting (06/17/2016)
PA Inmates Rank Higher than National Average on GED Test (06/15/2016)
SCI Benner Township Reports Inmate Death (06/08/2016)
DOC Announces Plans to Close Allentown Community Corrections Center (05/24/2016)Officials Highlight Pathways Unit at Wernersville CCC (05/17/2016) 
Officials Highlight Statewide Mental Health Services (05/10/2016)
GO-TIME:  DOC Saves $500,000 by Reducing Inmate Transportation Costs (05/09/2016)
Smith Named SCI Houtzdale Superintendent (05/05/2016)
DOC Reaches Milestone in Crisis Intervention Team Training (05/02/2016)
Clark Named SCI Albion Superintendent (04/01/2016)
BetaGov Helping DOC Turn Ideas into Policy (04/01/2016)
SCI Albion Inmates Committed to Helping Those in Need (03/31/2016)
Notices of Execution Signed for Two Inmates - Treiber and Walter (03/14/2016)
Inmate Death Reported at SCI Graterford - Micah Stewart (03/09/2016)
State Officials Push for Pre-K Education Funding (02/26/2016)
DOC Unveils Child Resource Centers - Announced at SCI Chester (02/19/2016)
McGinley Named SCI Coal Township Superintendent (02/17/2016)
DOC Unveils Child Resource Centers - Announced at Riverside CCC (02/11/2016)
SCI Pine Grove Inmates Hear Positive Messages from Speakers (02/05/2016)
Notices of Execution Signed for Johnson, Martin and Meadows (01/27/2016)
DelBalso Named SCI Mahanoy Superintendent (01/27/2016)
Mooney Named SCI Retreat Superintendent (01/27/2016)
SCI Pine Grove Inmates Donate to Charities (01/25/2016)
Disability Rights Network of PA vs John Wetzel - Compliance Report 1 (01/25/2016)
PA DOC Prison Population Records Largest Decrease in 40 Years (01/19/2016)
          2016 - DOC Population Decline Graphic