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Scandinavian Prison Project

IThe team from SCI Chestern June 2019, more than a dozen DOC employees​ traveled to Norway, Denmark and Sweden for three weeks to study Scandinavian prisons and work in the Norwegian prison system. When they returned, the employees began work on a new housing unit at SCI Chester inspired by what they studied in Scandinavia. This one-of-a-kind unit will be a blend of Scandinavia's and Pennsylvania's prison systems and operated by retrained staff.

Be ready for updates throughout 2019 and 2020 as the hybrid unit opens up and daily life in it finally begins.

The project was possible with a grant through collaboration with Kriminalomsorgen (the Norwegian Correctional Service), SVT, Drexel University, Arnold Ventures and the University of Oslo. (Photo courtesy of John Stark, SVT)