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​Justice Reinvestment Initiative

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In Dec. 2019, a collection of bills commonly known as Justice Reinvestment Initiative 2 (JRI2) were passed into law, which changed how select DOC programs operate. Among the programs affected were: State Drug Treatment Program; Quick Dips; Short Sentence Parole; and Motivational Boot Camp at Quehanna.

Another change affects deductions from inmates' accounts. Monetary deductions for restitution and other court-ordered financial obligations have increased from 20 percent to 25 percent. The DOC will now make the mandatory monetary deductions of at least 25 percent of deposits made to inmate accounts.

State Drug Treatment Program

Effective Dec. 18, 2019, State Intermediate Program is no longer available as a sentence. Instead, it will now be the State Drug Treatment Program (SDTP) and run by the DOC.

A person eligible for SDTP is someone the court has not deemed ineligible and has been sentenced to a term of confinement under the jurisdiction of the DOC —the minimum of which is not more than two years. An eligible person also must be serving a term of confinement, the minimum of which is not more than five years, where the person is within two years of completing the person's minimum term.

Notably, upon certification by the DOC of the participant's completion of the program, the entire term of confinement that rendered the participant eligible to participate in the SDTP shall be deemed to have been served.

If a participant is expelled from the SDTP, then they will no longer require resentencing. Rather, the participant will revert to his original sentence and shall be housed in an SCI to serve the remainder of the sentence. The expelled participant shall be eligible for parole at the minimum sentence but may not be eligible for short sentence parole under section 6137.1.

SDTP Requirements

Quick Dips

Details coming soon.

Short Sentence Parole

Short Sentence Parole allows for the Pennsylvania Parole Board to parole a person without requiring a hearing at the end of the person's minimum date or RRRI minimum date, whichever is shorter. If the person was committed to the DOC after the expiration of the person's minimum date, the board will approve the person for parole without requiring an interview within 30 days after commitment to the DOC.

Short Sentence Parole Requirements

Motivational Boot Camp at Quehanna

Eligibility to the Quehanna Boot Camp has changed under JRI 2. Now a judge may note on the sentencing order whether a defendant is excluded from eligibility for the boot camp.

Motivational Boot Camp Requirements