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Conference Committee Members

Shirley Moore Smeal, Executive Deputy Secretary, PA DOC - Chair
Committee Members:
Wayne Bear, Executive Director, Juvenile Dentention Centers Association of Pennsylvania
Susan Bensinger, Deputy Press Secretary, PA DOC
Cynthia Daub, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
Michael Dooley, Director, PA DOC Training Academy
Sue Dorrin, Lancaster Youth Intervention Center
Tammy Ferguson, Deputy Supt. for Centralized Services, SCI Benner Township, PA DOC
Sarah Grove, Training Manager
Kim Helton, Director, Bureau of Workforce Planning and Development, Office of Administration, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Stephanie Hoffman, Accounting Technician, Bureau of Administration, PA DOC
Lois Huling, PA Department of Public Welfare
Diane Kelly, Executive Secretary, PA DOC
Mandy Kroh, Director, Bureau of Office Services, Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Susan McNaughton, Press Secretary, PA DOC
Dee McPherson, Deputy Secretary for Administration, Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Tracey Meyers, Sales & Marketing Manager, Pennsylvania Correctional Industries, PA DOC
Tammy Moyer, Lancaster County Prison
Jenny Naugle, Director, Loysville Youth Development Center, PA Department of Public Welfare
Michael Pennington, PA Department of Public Welfare
Brinda Penyak, Deputy Director, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
Tess Pinard, Major, Bureau of Community Corrections, PA DOC
Beth Procopio, Chief, Division of Administrative Services, PA DOC
Janine Quigley, Chief Deputy Warden, Berks County Jail
Maria Rodriquez, Lancaster Youth Intervention Center
Linda Rosenberg, Executive Director, PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency
Deb Sahd, Assistant to the Secretary of Corrections, PA DOC
Cheryl Steberger, Lancaster County Prison
Patricia Stover, Special Assistant to the Secretary, PA DOC
Amy Wert, Director, Bureau of Budget & Finance, Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania