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Oral Histories Commemorate 30th Anniversary of the 1989 SCI Camp Hill Riot

This is the question we asked everyone about their memories of the 1989 SCI Camp Hill Riot, and just like other major incidents in one's life -- like September 11; the 1986 Space Shuttle disaster; the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster; and the day President Kennedy was assassinated -- everyone could vividly recall where they were and what was happening around them on this date.

The purpose of this page -- in time for the 30th anniversary of the riot -- is to allow the people who experienced some aspect of the riot to share their memories. By clicking on the oral history link, individuals can read about or listen to each person's account. Also, from other links provided, individuals can view video and photos from the riot, as well as read a variety of related documents.

It also should be noted that, earlier in 1989 and even days before the SCI Camp Hill riot, other facilities within the DOC were experiencing issues and disturbances. You can read/listen to those accounts by clicking the "Rockview and Huntingdon 1989" link at the right.

The purpose of this page is not to assign blame to anyone, but rather is to allow individuals and the DOC to share information on an event that forever changed the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

This page went live on October 25, 2019.